Education Programme

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments can take part in workshops, demonstrations, tours and collection viewings at Bletchley Park that are not available to the general public.  We are continuously developing our on-site education programme to support teachers and students of any age.  These must be booked in advance as they are tailored to primary school, secondary school or adult groups and include the following activities:

Primary schools

  • Codes & Ciphers 
  • Secrecy and Security: Keeping Safe Online
  • The National Radio Centre
  • Walking Tour of the Bletchley Park Site
  • Handling Collection
  • Home Front
  • Enigma Cinema
  • Toy Collection

Secondary schools, colleges and adults 

For those wishing to gain an insight into the importance of mathematics and history in the codebreaking effort, the following talks and workshops are available:

  • Codes & Ciphers – suitable for general audiences
  • Mathematics of Enigma – most suited to students working towards higher level GCSE (or equivalent) and beyond.
  • Breaking Lorenz – Enigma’s Big Brother – a specialist talk aimed at students working towards the higher end of A-Level (or equivalent)
  • History - how Bletchley Park had an impact on a number of major WW2 events.
  • NEW!  Online Safety Day - learn about the ever-evolving cyber threat so prevalent on the Internet.  For more information, click here.

How to Book