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Bletchley Park Kids' Activities at Home

Thu, 21 Jan 2021
Could you have been a Codebreaker?

Enjoy some of these fun activities at home and you may just learn a bit more about Bletchley Park along the way! Take our quiz to find out which role you were most suited for at Bletchley Park. Then complete your training activity for your chosen role and learn more about the work you would have been doing!

Create your own paper model to represent many of the jobs that took place at Bletchley Park. Use these templates o ‘dress’ your codebreaker, dispatch rider or WAAF ready for their first day at Bletchley Park! What would your uniform have been for the role you were given in our quiz?

Bletchley Park activity - Occupations
Bletchley Park activity - Uniforms
Bletchley Park activity - Uniforms (colour in)
Paper models
Paper models (colour in)