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Bletchley Park Word Searches and Cryptograms

Thu, 21 Jan 2021
Have go at our weekly word puzzles!

Download and complete the Bletchley Park themed word searches and cryptograms below.

Word Search – Week One

To tie in with the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, our very first Bletchley Park word search is all about birds. Did you spot any of these?

Word Search – Week Two

The flower and vegetable names hidden in this grid were each used as a Bletchley Park codename for the Enigma ciphers used by a particular group of German air force units. Do you think these are good codenames?

Word Search – Week Three

We’re going round in circles this week trying to find all of these Bletchley Park themed words. Can you find them all?

Word Search – Week Four

This week is extra challenging as the puzzle is in Morse code! Can you decode the clues?

Cryptogram – Week Five

Something a little different this week! Can you solve these Alan Turing and Winston Churchill cryptograms?

Word Search  – Week Six

This week we bring you insects – or Bletchley Park codenames for German Luftwaffe Enigma ciphers. Can you find all the creepy crawlies?

Logic Puzzle – Week Seven

To mark International Women’s Day, we have a special logic puzzle for you. Use logic to work out which pastimes the different Codebreakers enjoy, which service they are in, which language skills they have and when they started working at Bletchley Park! Who will you challenge to this puzzle?

Animal Codenames – Week Eight

Bletchley Park attacked numerous Enigma networks, each with their own distinct encryptions. German air force networks were named after colours, insects, plants and animals. Can you find these hidden animal codenames?

Week One - Bird codenames word search
Week Two - Botanical codenames word search
Week Three - Circle word search
Week Four - Morse code
Week Five - Cryptogram
Week Seven - International Women's Day Logic Puzzle