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Essential Information and FAQs

Essential Information


Lead teachers receive a confirmation letter and itinerary 1-2 weeks before their visit. We strongly encourage teachers to carry out a pre-visit – these are available free of charge for up to three teachers per school once a provisional booking is in place. Please contact the Learning Department for further details or to book your pre-visit at [email protected] .

Arrival and coaches

On arrival groups will be met at their coach by a member of the Learning Department. Coach parking is available at stadium MK, home to the MK Dons football club. The Learning Department will brief your driver on how to locate the coach park. Drivers must return to site 10 minutes before the allocated departure time. The recommended assembly point for schools is opposite Block  B adjacent to the car parking area


Education visits are approximately 4 hours in duration and typically take place between 10.00 and 14.30. Visits outside of these times must be agreed in advance. Visits include:

  • Facilitated workshop of your choice
  • Guided tour of the Park
  • Self-guided time to explore the Park at your own pace

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your booking within 28 calendar days of your visit you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Practical information (Clothing & Footwear)

Coats are recommended as the museum is spread across a number of wartime huts and buildings. An allocated lunch room will be provided. Please ensure all students bring a packed lunch and plenty of water.  Any heels which cover an area smaller than a postage stamp can cause damage and therefore sharp heeled shes are not permitted.  We would appreciate your support and understanding of why we need to protect our beautiful floors and we therefore recommend that comfortable walking shoes are worn during your visit.

Supervision guidelines

The behaviour of pupils at the museum is the responsibility of teachers and adult supervisors. Please ensure your pupils are supervised at all times and that your group meets the minimum adult to pupil ratio for your key stage. For primary students this is 1:6 and for secondary students it is 1:10. Accompanying teachers/adults are free up to a ratio of 1:5.



What is the maximum number of students you can take per visit?

The maximum capacity for the Learning Department is 180 students per day.  Large parties will be divided into smaller groups whilst they are on the Park. i.e. 50 students will be required to divide into 2 groups of 25. Workshops and guided tours can accommodate up to 30 students.

Can workshop and tour times be adjusted if we arrive late?

If you arrive later than expected we will endeavour to accommodate your group but please be aware we cannot guarantee changes and your workshops may be affected.

Do we have to request a time slot to visit the shop?

You can visit the shop at any point during your self-guided time. Please note that, due to space restrictions, only 10 pupils are permitted in the shop at any one time and they should be supervised by a member of your visit staff.

Can my group store their bags somewhere?

Due to the nature of the site, we do not provide lockable storage areas for bags. Please ensure (other than their packed lunch) your group brings as little as possible.

We are looking to visit The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) on the same day. Can we book that through you?

The TNMOC is a separate organisation on the grounds of Bletchley Park. Bookings can be made by contacting (0)1908 374708. If you decide to visit please let us know so we can build it into your itinerary.