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External Resources

Activities and resources from external providers

The following resources have been developed by external providers using aspects of Bletchley Park’s story as inspiration. The Bletchley Park Trust is not responsible for any content accessed via the links below and any correspondence regarding these resources should be directed to the originator.

Codebreakers and Communication

Produced by the Royal Air Force in conjunction with the Institute of Physics and the Historical Association as part of the RAF100 Schools Project. Students can explore the role of secret communication during World War Two and build a circuit that will enable them to send and receive encrypted messages.

Link | Relevance: history, STEM

Paper Enigma

Produced by Franklin Heath Ltd. Make your own Enigma machine using a crisp tube and two sheets of A4 paper. This activity helps to understand the inner workings of the famous Enigma machine, and the finished product is completely compatible with all settings of a real Enigma machine.

Link | Relevance: STEM

Teaching History with 100 Objects: Enigma Cipher Machine

Produced by the British Museum as part of their Teaching History with 100 Objects initiative. This website includes a downloadable (.pdf ) object file, teaching ideas and links to further information and Enigma’s place in the bigger picture of World War Two.

Link | Relevance: history

Enigma Simulator

Produced by Franklin Heath Ltd. A free app for Android phones and tablets that fully emulates a number of different versions of the famous Enigma machine, allowing users to encrypt and decrypt messages. Encrypted messages can be shared from the app via social media and email. The app is supported by advertisements.

Link | Relevance: STEM

The National Cipher Challenge

A free online codebreaking competition that runs from October to January each year. Students can take part individually or as part of a team, deciphering messages each week to uncover an exciting and unique story over the course of the challenge.


Link | Relevance: STEM, computing