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Stories in Sound

Stories in Sound overview

Stories in Sound has been created by Bletchley Park’s Learning Department in consultation with NHS and care home staff. Each individual track is a Sound Story relating to Bletchley Park and the people who worked here during World War Two. They have been designed as short relaxations for people living with dementia and may also be of benefit to others.

How to listen

You can download the Stories in Sound, both the audio files and transcripts from our downloads page or listen on a CD. If you would like a CD, please contact us at [email protected]

We recommend sitting comfortably in a quiet place to listen to each story with a friend or carer. You could close your eyes to imagine some of the things you can hear, or you may want to look at some of the accompanying images.


You could create your own sound story.

Write or record some memories.

Write or record your own poem.

With thanks to NLHF and all consultative partners.


Walking through Wartime: sound recording by Mark Cotton

Six Long Years: poem by Daphne Wherry, read by Betty Lawrie; music by Andrew Fryer

Remembering Bletchley: words by Charlotte “Betty” Webb, Jane Fawcett, Marjorie Pattle, Pamela McRoberts, Kathleen Parker, Marigold Freeman-Attwood, Shirley Wheeldon, Barbara Hart and Betty Flavell; read by Liz Mitchell and Erica Munro; music and recording by Mark Cotton.