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Bletchley Park is now open. All visitors must pre-book a timed entry slot. Please see our REOPENING SAFELY page for further information. To see availability and make a reservation please see our BOOKING page.

Virtual Learning Session

Virtual Learning Session Codes and Ciphers


Bletchley Park is all about challenges and during these challenging times we have designed an inspiring virtual tour and session for students in Primary, Secondary, FE and HE. Your new virtual codes and ciphers learning experience includes a virtual tour of the Park, an Enigma demonstration and workshop session:



Which paths did the codebreakers take to secretly solve insurmountable problems? A virtual tour of Bletchley Park’s WW2 history with a learning specialist.



What an Enigma! A short virtual demonstration of a WW2 working Enigma Machine from our handling collection.


Activities: A Problem Solved?

Over time people have been using increasingly complex codes and ciphers with the intention of communicating secretly and keeping information secure. During this workshop students will encounter a range of historical codes and ciphers in order to solve a puzzle.


Learning Objectives

·        Increase knowledge of codes and ciphers throughout history and their relevance to mathematics and computing today.

·        Develop an understanding of the role that ciphers played during WW2, with specific reference to the Enigma machine and the historical significance of Bletchley Park.

·        Use and develop team working, problem solving and mathematical thinking skills, applying them to a practical codebreaking task.

Subject Focus: Maths, History, Computing


Virtual Learning Video Conferencing

Team working was essential to making significant breakthroughs at Bletchley Park. During these sessions students are encouraged to ask questions, solve challenges, work through and engage in a live video conference discussion with our learning specialist.

Pre-downloadable paper learning packs have been designed for each student to support social distancing and individual use requirements. To receive a virtual visit, you will need an internet connected audio and video enabled device with a web cam.  Sessions are accessed via a link provided.


To pre-book a session please email [email protected]

Sessions last up to 90 minutes and will be available from 1 August 2020 onwards.



Key Stage Two Primary Students under 12 years KS2:     £6.55

Minimum cost per session is £195.50


Secondary / College/ University Students:                       £9.60

Minimum cost per session is £288