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Mon, 17 Sep 2018
ATS 80th Anniversary

September 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), the women’s branch of the British Army. More than 250,000 ATS personnel served in WW2, and the service played a major role in signals intelligence work. Thousands were employed at Y (Wireless Intercept) Stations around the globe. These women harvested raw material for the Bletchley Park Codebreakers, listening into enemy radio transmissions and recording their content. More than 400 ATS personnel worked at Bletchley Park itself, holding signals intelligence and support roles within various traffic analysis and code breaking sections.

ATS 80th Anniversary
1 / 10Staff at Y Stations were organised into shifts, known officially as ‘Watches’, so that the Stations could run 24 hours a day. These are the members of D Watch, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, in circa 1943.