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Tue, 23 Oct 2018
Bletchley Park's Eastcote Outstation

Eastcote, one of five Outstations developed to house Bletchley Park’s growing numbers of Bombe machines, came into operation in September 1943. Converted from government buildings in Hillingdon, north-west London, it was home to up to 100 Bombes of different types, WRNS Bombe operators, RAF mechanics, and associated staff. Eastcote was the only Outstation also used by the United States Army – their 6812th Signals Security Detachment had a dedicated Bombe bay on site, containing 10 machines. Shortly after WW2 ended, Eastcote became the headquarters of the Government Code & Cypher School, newly renamed GCHQ.

Bletchley Park's Eastcote Outstation
1 / 10The majority of those who worked at Eastcote Outstation were ‘Wrens’, members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service. This is A Watch, around 1944.