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Thu, 20 Dec 2018
Christmas Cheer

Bletchley Park and its Outstations celebrated six Christmases during World War Two. Christmas was no holiday for the Codebreakers – their work continued at pace over the period. For example, the Germans often changed their Enigma settings on the first day of the month and the build-up to January 1st was as anxious as that for any month. Where work commitments allowed, though, Christmas could still be made to feel special, with parties, dinners, and revues.

Collections uncovered 12
1 / 10This well-produced programme, with an embossed emblem on the front cover, accompanied the Beaumanor Wireless Interception station’s 1942 Christmas party. Those who worked at Beaumanor were not the only Wireless Interception station staff to refer themselves as exiles.