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Fri, 11 Oct 2019
Bletchley Park Recreational Club

Away from their families and far from other major towns around the country, it became necessary for the staff of Bletchley Park to organise much of their own entertainment to help them to relax and unwind from the important work they were doing. Whether it was dancing, music or participating in various sports, the Bletchley Park Recreational Club offered something for everyone.  The surviving material, including programmes, photographs, letters and financial accounts, provides a fascinating window onto the social side of working at Bletchley Park.

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Bletchley Park Recreational Club
1 / 10The Bletchley Park Recreational Club was started in October 1940 under the Chairmanship of Captain Stanley Edgar. Its aim was “to provide, for all members of Bletchley Park, facilities for recreation and amusement which otherwise do not exist in Bletchley”. At first, only a small number of activities were offered but, as membership grew, more were offered. In addition to the activities listed here, staff could play squash, tennis and table tennis. There was also an Art Section and a Rambling Club.