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Special Podcast: Intelligence Insight 001

Fri, 27 Mar 2020
Extra insights from the Bletchley Park podcast

Due to the current situation, Bletchley Park is closed for the foreseeable future. Speaking last week, Bletchley Park’s CEO Iain Standen said, “This isn’t the first time that Bletchley Park has operated at unprecedented times of national crisis and it is the values of those that have and still work here – understanding, collaboration, integrity, perseverance, resilience – that we hold dear at this moment.”

We will continue to produce our normal podcasts, but we have decided to bring you an additional episode each Friday for the next few weeks. With eight years of content, we will not only return to some gems from previous episodes but also bring you things that have not been heard before.

For our first episode of ‘Intelligence Insight’, we have dipped into over 100 hours of recordings to bring you some very special interviews with six Bletchley Park Veterans:

Image: ©Bletchley Park Trust 2020

Intelligence Insight 001