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Intelligence Insight 011

Fri, 3 Jul 2020
Extra insights from the Bletchley Park podcast

In this episode, we continue to hear from Dermot Turing and his wider family. First, we go back to a very cold day in March 2015 when more than twenty members of Alan Turing’s family gathered at Bletchley Park to pay tribute to their famous ancestor. ‘The Imitation Game’ had been released only a few months earlier, so to have so many Turings in one place, at the same time, meant the world’s press turned up too, so it was the perfect opportunity for Dermot to launch the fundraising campaign for the restoration of Hut 11A.

Then we will return to Hut 11A exactly three years later to the official opening of ‘The Bombe Breakthrough.’ In the very building that housed the Bombe Machines during World War Two, this exhibition tells the entire story for the first time. From the earliest work by Polish Codebreakers using mathematics and machines, through Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman’s famous invention, to finally producing war-winning intelligence for the Allies. You will hear from the people involved with creating the exhibition, VIPs and guests, including some of our specially invited Veterans.

* Producers Note *

Bletchley Park will be safely reopening to visitors on Saturday the 4th of July. All visitors must pre-book online, including Friends or Annual Season Pass holders. Please visit our ‘Reopening Safely’ page for the latest information.

Image: ©Bletchley Park Trust 2020

Intelligence Insight 011