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Making the latest Bletchley Park film

Fri, 7 Jul 2017
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Visitors often tell us when they come to Bletchley Park that they get lost in the atmosphere of it all. It can feel like taking a step back in time to explore the Codebreaking huts, faithfully recreated with the help of Veterans to appear how they would have during World War Two. Visitors glance up to the sky as the roar of a fighter plane passes overhead; the soundscapes can fool the best of us. While viewing the exhibitions it is easy to become immersed in the stories of the extraordinary men and women who worked here.

We wanted to share our visitors’ experiences with a short film to capture how it feels to be at the place where it all happened.

Filming on location comes with a variety of challenges and shooting at Bletchley Park is no exception. Fortunately the film crew had shot the museum before, so knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. Due to the nature of the buildings there are strict limitations on what crews can do; the buildings themselves are part of the historical collection and must be carefully handled. The site is also quite large – in its peak Bletchley Park employed nearly 10,000 staff – so getting around with heavy equipment can be difficult.

Despite this, the team pressed on. Using one of the vintage bikes from the park’s cycle shed (the only one with working brakes!) press officer Gemma Briggs bravely proceeded to treat the track around the lake as a velodrome. Meanwhile, drone shots captured the park in its full glory. We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side.

After a very early start, a few coffee runs and a hundred ‘one more’ takes, we finally called it a wrap.

We hope you enjoy it, tweet us your thoughts @bletchleyparkuk.

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Immerse Yourself