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Podcast 100 - Légion d’honneur

Thu, 12 Dec 2019
The first of three episodes this month

At the end of each year, we like to focus on the important work that Jonathan Byrne, Oral History Officer, and his team of staff and volunteers carry out. The Oral History interviews they record not only help to build a better picture of the vital work carried out here during World War Two, but also help us develop new ways to share those stories with our visitors, such as exhibitions, family activities and online resources.

In this, the first of three episodes this month, we catch up with Jonathan and find out about the presentation of France’s highest order of merit, the Légion d’honneur, to Bletchley Park Veterans.

We also introduce the newest member of Jonathan’s team, Oral History Assistant Will Hankey who talks about the passion he has for his work.

The rest of this episode explores the experiences of some of our Veterans who’ve recently received the Légion d’honneur:

  • Mrs Helene Aldwinckle, who worked in Hut 6 and Block D (6) at Bletchley Park from 1942 till 1945.
  • RAF Flight Sergeant Gordon Rosenberg, who served in Special Liaison Units 8 and 9, first in Europe and then later in the Pacific.
  • Walter ‘Joe’ Wright, who served with the Royal Signals in Special Communications Units 1 and 8 from August 1944 till September 1945.

Image: Courtesy of the Aldwinckle family.

Podcast 100 - Légion d’honneur