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Podcast 124 - Oral History Special No.7

Fri, 14 May 2021
Travel back over 75 years to hear part two of Patricia Johnston's wartime story

In this episode we bring you the second part of our interview with SLU Intelligence Officer Patricia Johnston. This time Oral History Volunteer Mike Chapman is also joined by Pat’s son, Joss Sanglier. The three of them travel back 75 years to map out not only Pat’s wartime service but also that of her husband and fellow Bletchley Park Veteran, Bill Sanglier.

Bill, had what can only be described as a very varied carer during the war. Starting off during The Blitz searching for saboteurs in Coventry and then; training at Bletchley Park, before being sent to India. Working first for General Slim and later for Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia Command, he was their direct link to Ultra Intelligence.

Post war, we hear about Bill’s work with the former French Resistance and how an infamous Cold War Russian spy was taught to cook curry by Pat’s mother and later led to her brother being arrested for drink driving.

Image of Bill Sanglier, courtesy of Mr Joss Sanglier.

Podcast 124 - Oral History Special No.7