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Podcast 56: Enter Japan

Fri, 10 Mar 2017
Find out what happened when the war was no longer just in Europe

This month’s It Happened Here story is a truly global one. It’s about what happened when the war was no longer just in Europe.

In December 1941, Japan entered World War Two. This meant intelligence gathering and processing became a far bigger and more complex task, which brought about the need for a significant expansion of the top secret operation at Bletchley Park. We hear from two of the women who worked on Japanese codes at Bletchley Park, Betty Webb and Mary Every, who had never met until they were interviewed together for a Japanese newspaper.

Also this month, we bring you a sneak preview of an exciting new exhibition opening soon at Bletchley Park, Off Duty:High Spirits in Low Times. Although few official records remain of what people did in their spare time, this exhibition uses stories pieced together from letters, diaries and surviving wartime documents from Bletchley Park. Off Duty features a number of Veterans’ memories gathered by the Oral History Project, which help us understand what it was like, in their own words.

Enter Japan