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Podcast 94 - 90 Days

Mon, 12 Aug 2019
The Normandy Campaign - 90 Days

August 2019

In earlier episodes this year we have concentrated on the preparations for, and the events of D-Day itself, the 6th of June. However D-Day was only the beginning of the Normandy Campaign.

The Allies had to face an enemy determined to throw them back in to the sea and it led to some of the bitterest fighting in Western Europe of World War Two. It would eventually, after three months, end in victory for the Allies and the liberation of Paris at the end of August 1944.

In this “It Happened Here” episode, we see how Bletchley Park continued to contribute to Allied success. We’ll find out how the nature of this contribution changed from one of supporting the planning of future operations, to one of supporting an ongoing battle.

Bletchley Park’s Research Officer Thomas Cheetham has been exploring the role of ULTRA intelligence in this crucial campaign.

Podcast 94 - 90 Days
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