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Podcast 99 - 100 Years of Codebreaking

Fri, 22 Nov 2019
Fascinating stories marking a century of intelligence gathering

In this second episode this month, we continue to celebrate the centenary of GCHQ, and where better to learn more about its incredible history than in the heart of its current Headquarters.

We were given special permission to record within the walls of the famous ‘Doughnut’ building in Cheltenham. Our guide to those top secret corridors is GCHQ’s new official Historian David Abrutat. With a century of codebreaking behind them, GCHQ has a rich history to dive into and it’s not just about Bletchley Park.

In this episode we also find out about Bletchley Park’s latest exhibition ‘From GC&CS to GCHQ’, joining Exhibitions Manager and podcast host, Erica Munro, to learn more about the little-known stories featured in this exhibition.

A very special thanks to GCHQ for allowing Bletchley Park to record this exclusive episode.

Image: ©Crown Copyright

Podcast 99 - 100 Years of Codebreaking