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Outreach Terms And Conditions

Outreach terms and conditions

We offer three Outreach programmes:

A.        Enigma Outreach visits

Our outreach programme that visits your location with a genuine real working Enigma machine.  Bookings are usually for full school days including up to six hours of session time.

1.     Costs valid from 1st January 2018:

 Enigma outreach visit

Costs can be found on our website here.

2. Discounts
2.1.        “Learning venue” means schools, colleges, universities and other education facilities. To qualify for a Learning venue discount the majority of the intended participants must be in full-time education.

2.2.        “Multiple consecutive dates” means that any visits on dates running one after the other in the same area qualify for this discount. This may involve two or more venues booking independently.


3.1.        Travel expenses will be charged at 35p per mile (as calculated using Google Maps or equivalent), or as incurred when using public transport. This cost will be added to the final invoice as appropriate.

3.2.        Hotel costs, when accommodation is required, will be added to the final invoice.

3.3.        Parking charges will be added to the final invoice as incurred.

3.4.        Other expenses may be incurred and where possible these will be agreed prior to confirming a booking.

B.        Ultra Bursary outreach visits

We have limited funding available for schools who meet certain criteria linked to local deprivation and Pupil Premium levels, provided as part of our “Bletchley Park – GS Gives Bursary Fund”. Interested schools must fill in and submit our Bursary interest registration form, which will be available via the Funding Opportunities page when bookings are available.

4.        The purpose of this funding opportunity is to widen participation and interest in STEM subjects for students who may not otherwise have the chance to take part in enrichment activities in these subjects.  One particular focus of this project looks at girls’ participation in STEM subjects.

5.        Successful applicants can choose either:

  • A funded visit to Bletchley Park on our Schools and Universities programme and access to our transport subsidy


  • A completely free full day Enigma Outreach visit. A member of the Learning team will deliver sessions to your students at school.

These Terms and Conditions refer to Outreach visits only. Please see our Onsite Visits Terms and Conditions for visits to Bletchley Park.

6.        In the case of the percentage of pupil premium children who attend outreach sessions not matching the percentage of pupil premium pupils on roll, the bursary will not apply and regular costs will be invoiced by Bletchley Park.

C. Online Safety outreach visits

This outreach programme is offered in partnership with McAfee, and is designed to encourage people of all ages to think about their safety in the online environment. It encourages reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of an online life, as well as developing skills to improve the online experience for all.

7.     Presentations are suitable for any age group and ability range, including 5-8 years, 8-11 years, 11-14 years, 14-18 years, adults, parents, ‘silver surfers’ and teachers.

8.     The sessions are free, 30 – 60 minute workshops or presentations delivered at any venue suitable for the participants, and are delivered by Bletchley Park’s Online Safety Officer and/or industry experts from McAfee.

9.  Sessions can usually be adapted to meet a particular group’s need, either in their physical delivery or emphasis. Please make sure we are aware of this when making your booking so that we can deliver the best possible experience.

10.  There is no charge to the school/institution for the online safety visit as this part of the education programme is funded by McAfee. This includes resources, travel and accommodation if required.

11.  Outreach visits can be requested for no more than 3 calendar days in total per institution in any given academic year.

The following terms and conditions apply for all programmes:

12.  Each booking is dependent on availability.  Enquiries can be made by filling in an online booking form, or alternatively emailing [email protected]

13.  Your booking is not confirmed until booked and agreed with the Learning Team, and confirmation sent to you.

14.  Full day visits include up to 6 hours of contact time during normal school teaching hours. Visits over 1 hour travel time from Bletchley Park may require an overnight stay the night before. Long distance visits may also require an overnight stay following the visit.

15.  ½ day visits are only available within 2 hours of travel time of Bletchley Park and include up to 3 hours of contact time during normal school teaching hours.  Visits must fall either during the morning or afternoon (i.e. before or after lunch).

16.  Evening talks or sessions are available only within 1 hour travel time of Bletchley Park or as an add-on to a full day visit, and are charged per hour.

17.  Travel time for longer-distance visits may be invoiced additionally to time spent at the school. This will be agreed at the time of booking.

18.  A car parking space will be required on site for most visits unless alternative arrangements have been agreed at the time of booking. Any parking charges incurred will be added to the final invoice.

19.  Overnight stays, when necessary, must be in a hotel local to the venue and will be booked by Bletchley Park unless agreed otherwise in advance. The cost will typically be £80 per night but may vary depending on local availability. This cost will be added to the final invoice.

20.  Other expenses as incurred may be included but this will be with prior agreement where possible.

21.  Our Enigma machines will not be left unattended by our staff at any time.

22.  We assume that venues will provide digital projectors and a laptop or desktop computer that will accept a USB memory stick and run a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

23.  Where venues cannot provide step-free access, we will require the assistance of venue staff.

24.  A timetable including suggested arrival times as well as the number of children in each session must be provided to allow our staff to plan their visit effectively.

25.  Our staff will require at least 30 minutes break for lunch. Venues are not required to supply lunch or refreshments, but please notify us of availability in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

26.  Sufficient school/ college staff must be present to supervise all students during all activities and sessions. Bletchley Park staff are not responsible for the health, safety and behaviour of students.

27.  Organisation for the day is negotiable between the venue and our staff. Sessions will vary depending on the age of pupils, numbers and subject being studied, but will be agreed by both parties before the date of the visit.

28.  If any of these terms and conditions cannot be adhered to please let us know at the earliest opportunity. This may affect the sessions and activities that we can offer, or cause your booking to be cancelled. In the case of such a cancellation the Bletchley Park Trust shall not be liable for any costs incurred.


29.  Cancellations must be made in writing at least 14 calendar days before the date of the visit. Cancellations made after this time may result in a £50 administration fee.

In the case of cancellation, the school/college will be invoiced for any pre-booked non-refundable accommodation and travel costs.

Data protection

We may use your personal information (and the personal information of any other visitors included in your application) for processing your application, responding to any enquiry you or other members of your group make, and for generating aggregated statistics regarding visits to Bletchley Park. In addition, we may, subject to your consent, send you emails, newsletters and/or alerts and information regarding learning events. We will not sell your data.  We will not share your data for marketing purposes unless you have actively consented to this.  Please see our Privacy policy, which can be found on our website, for more details on what information we collect about you and how it will be used.

Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and by submitting a booking you agree to abide by the most recent version.

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