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A Gift in Your Will

A Gift in Your Will

The work here at Bletchley Park … was utterly fundamental to the survival of Britain and to the triumph of the West. I’m not actually sure that I can think of very many other places where I could say something as unequivocal as that. This is sacred ground. If this isn’t worth preserving, what is?”   The late Professor Richard Holmes, Military Historian.

Bletchley Park helped provide our country with long term security and we hope you might consider a gift to secure our future.

The site at Bletchley Park needs massive restoration and increasing visitor numbers means it is struggling to serve all those who want to come and re-live the extraordinary years which changed and saved so many lives.  We are determined to ensure that future generations can bear witness to the amazing work of Alan Turing and all the Codebreakers. Please help us make this happen through a gift in your Will.

How To Help

For further information please contact: Livvy Brinson, Director of Development, [email protected] +(0)1908 272651.
Bletchley Park Trust
Milton Keynes
Registered charity 1012743