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Hut 12

Bletchley Park: Rescued and restored

During the restoration work at Bletchley Park in 2014 wartime notes were found stuffed into the roof cracks of Hut 6. Visit Hut 12 to see them on exhibit.

Also on view are:

  • The only known example of used Banbury sheets, a system devised by Alan Turing to help find the daily-changing Enigma settings. So-called because the stationery was printed in Banbury. Banburismus involved lining up two sheets of paper in which holes were punched over a light box, to help find possible settings.
  • Parts of an Atlas, a pinboard, a fashion article from a magazine
  • A fragment of a 1940’s teapot and glass bottles, including one for Chicory
  • Archaeological items, such as bricks from Block F (demolished in the 1980s)
  • A ‘time capsule’ left inside a door in Hut 11A
  • A Crittall window frame from Block C and two original wooden floorboards from Hut 6, hanging from the ceiling above the display cases
  • Audio interviews and insights captured by the Bletchley Park Podcast during the restoration