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The Illustration Game: Sketches from the Archives

Mon, 13 May 2019 — Sun, 3 Nov 2019
From 09:30 to 17:00
Scribbles and sketches, doodles and drawings. What goes through the mind of a Codebreaker?

This family-friendly temporary exhibition in Hut 12 showcases some of the rarely-seen treasures of Bletchley Park’s archive.

The sketches and cartoons on display, created by signals intelligence staff and our Veterans, provide a fascinating insight into Bletchley Park’s wartime story and are a powerful example of how details and memories can survive in pictures.

This is a fun exhibition with room to play. Join us and see if you can arrive first in our Dispatch Rider race game, design your own Impossible Amphibious Vehicle and leave your own drawing on our magnetic wall.

Sketches from the Archives
1 / 3‘Dispatch Riders’, artist unknown. The sketch illustrates a Dispatch Rider training session around the Bletchley Park lake, overseen by Mr P. Len Smith. The sketch was gifted to him by the artist and donated to Bletchley Park by Smith’s daughter.
Learn more about Hut 12

This temporary exhibition is displayed in Hut 12, located left of the Bletchley Park Mansion and the Hut 4 Café, towards the Chauffeur Hut.

Hut 12 was built originally to the north of Hut 3, but had to be removed when the Teleprinter Building was erected in 1941. Hut 12 was re-erected just inside the main entrance of the site, north of the cafeteria, in October 1942. By April 1943 the building was described as the Education Hut. It was subsequently used for chamber music classes and orchestral evenings by the Bletchley Park Music Society. Religious services for Roman Catholics and Christian Scientists were held there regularly on Sundays.