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Here’s your A-Z guide to a summer of fun at Bletchley Park! 

Inspired by A Bletchley Alphabet, composed by staff of Bletchley Park at the end of World War Two.


A is for – Anyone for Chess? Challenge your friends to a game with our giant, outdoor set by Hut 4.

B is for – Bicycles! Many of those working at Bletchley Park during World War Two cycled in for their shift, and you can ride your bike to visit us too. Milton Keynes has a network of cycling routes throughout the city, called the Redways, and Bletchley Park is a part of the network. Visit Get Around MK to help plan your journey. Look (and listen!) out for the vintage bike shed by Hut 8.

C is forCrafty Commanders and Codebreakers family workshop. Inspired by Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily by sea and air by the Allied Forces eighty years ago in 1943, have a go at some codebreaking, glider making and sneaky planning with our drop-in family workshops.

D is for – Deckchairs! Need we say more? You’ll find these dotted around the lawn throughout the summer. Look out for our Giant Deckchair decorated with a special pattern chosen by our social media followers!

E is for – Escape the heat (or the rain!) with our exhibitions! Discover what it was like to work here, why Bletchley Park was chosen as a wartime site, and the impact codebreaking had on World War Two, and more, in our immersive exhibitions.

F is for – Frog! To help speed up the sending of messages between teams at Bletchley Park, a system of pneumatic tubes was set up. To break up the hard one, enterprising staff found frogs in the lake, loaded them into the pneumatic tube system and sent them to unsuspecting colleagues. We bet the frogs gave them a jump! Learn more about this story and what it was like to work at Bletchley Park in The Intelligence Factory exhibition in Block A

G is for  – Guided tours! Free tours are available daily, taking you through the history and development of Bletchley Park and the incredible stories of those who worked here. Sign up in our Block C Visitor Centre.

H is for – our Hut 4 Café! Refuel here after a busy day exploring Bletchley Park with hot and cold food and drinks available daily, eat-in or takeaway. You can also enjoy cakes, sandwiches and refreshments in our Block C Coffee Shop.

I is for – Ice cream! Available daily from the Hut 1 kiosk.

J is for – Jam first or cream first? You can decide when you enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in the Mansion Dining Room.

K is for – Kids’ multimedia guides! Pick up a headset from our Block C Visitor Centre and enjoy a family-friendly tour of Bletchley Park.

L is for – Local residents offer! Did you know that if you live in one of these postcodes, you enjoy 50% off admission to Bletchley Park?
MK1 – 17, MK18 -19, LU5-7, MK43 0, MK43 8-9, MK45 1-2, MK45 5, MK46 5, NN12 7, HP22 4 and HP23 4
Pay once and come back for unlimited free return visits within a year! Full details on our opening hours and admissions page.

L is for – Listen to the gentle sound of our water fountain as you laze by the lake. Rumour has it that there’s one or two mugs lost in here from the time of the Codebreakers.

M is for – Music! Our summer concert series is back. Listen to special guest performers singing vintage classics on the lawn every Saturday in August.

N is forNineteen Forties weekend – experience live performances, visit vintage stalls and soak up the special atmosphere of our 1940s weekend. Book now for 23 or 24 September (or both!)

O is for – Outdoor spaces. We’re not all huts and blocks, and a Mansion. We also have plenty of green space to relax or run around in.

P is for – Playground! Let off some steam in our playground by Hut 4.

Q is for – Quiet time… we appreciate that some of our visitors want to know where they can avoid the crowds, and light and noisy areas. Take a look at the sensory section of our interactive map to help plan your visit.

R is for – Read a book! Our Shop in Block C is stocked with plenty of titles to enjoy – whether you’re interested in the nitty-gritty of how codes were broken, or personal accounts from Veterans on what it was like to work here. All profits help support the ongoing work of Bletchley Park Trust.

S is for – Shade! We have plenty of shady spots to enjoy a picnic in, read a book, or simply relax.

T is for – Train it! Bletchley Park is just a five-minute walk from Bletchley train station, with fast connections into London, Milton Keynes and beyond. Find out all the details of how to get here on our contact us page.

U is for – Under 12s go free!

V is for – Veterans. The Bletchley Park Roll of Honour (RoH) lists the names of over 13,000 people believed to have worked in signals intelligence during World War Two, at Bletchley Park and other locations. You can search the RoH online and in person in our Veterans’ Stories exhibition in the Mansion.

W is for – Wheelchair accessible! Bletchley Park has step free access throughout the site. Plan your route with our interactive map.

X is for – Station X, one of Bletchley Park’s codenames during WW2.

Y is for – You tell us! What do you enjoy the most about visiting Bletchley Park?

Z is for –zzz! After all the excitement of exploring our exhibitions, enjoy a doze in the shade on the lawn.