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We offer award-winning learning sessions tailored to pupils of any age, whether you are looking for an on-site visit, a virtual session or for us to come to you. Exciting hands-on demonstrations and engaging sessions will encourage learning about WW2, teamwork, codebreaking and much more.


Learning visits

School and other learning group visits are available during term time, providing opportunities for students to engage with Bletchley Park’s story, its wider relevance to contemporary history and our own lives today.

A school visit includes:

  • An interactive workshop session of your choice, in which students will use practical problem solving and team working skills as they begin to understand the scale of the task faced by Bletchley Park’s codebreakers during World War Two
  • A guided tour around the outside of the buildings, providing opportunity for students to delve deeper into the story of Bletchley Park and the process of sending, intercepting and decrypting coded messages
  • Self-guided time which allows groups to explore the Mansion, museums, Huts (and of course the shop) at their own pace
  • A 30-minute slot in a lunch room

A visit usually lasts for 4 hours. You will be allocated an arrival and departure time. Please explore the pages below to find out more about school visits to Bletchley Park.

We are now taking bookings for the 2021/22 academic year and beyond.

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On-site Sessions

Youth Groups

Learning visits outside of term-time weekdays for groups such as such as Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Cadets.

On-site Sessions

Higher Education

On-site sessions for students in Higher Education.

On-site Sessions

Key Stage 5 & FE

On-site sessions for Key Stage 5 and Further Education.

On-site Sessions

Key Stage 4

On-site sessions suitable for years 10 and 11.

On-site Sessions

Key Stage 3

On-site session information and subject relevance for school years 7 to 9.

On-site Sessions

Key Stage 2

On-site session information and subject relevance for school years 3 to 6.


Learning sessions

Bletchley Park is all about challenges and during these challenging times we have designed an inspiring virtual tour and session for students in Primary, Secondary, FE and HE. Your new virtual codebreaking experience includes a virtual tour of the Park, an Enigma demonstration and workshop session.


Which paths did the codebreakers take to secretly solve insurmountable problems? An immersive 360-degree virtual tour of Bletchley Park’s WW2 history with a learning specialist.


What an Enigma! A short virtual demonstration of a WW2 working Enigma Machine from our handling collection.

Workshop Activities

The focus of your workshop can be selected from our virtual session choices depending on the stage and interests of your students: Codes and Ciphers, Interception to Intelligence, Story of Enigma, Story of Lorenz or Breaking Lorenz.

We are now taking bookings for learning visits and virtual learning sessions for the 2021/22 academic year and beyond.

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Virtual Sessions

Bletchley Girls

Battle for Equality

An exclusive session, available for a limited time only. Suitable for Key Stage 3 pupils.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Key Stage 5 & FE

Codes & Ciphers Discovery

Virtual sessions for key stage 5 and Further Education.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Key Stage 4

Codes & Ciphers

Virtual sessions available for key stage 2 pupils.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Key Stage 3

Codes & Ciphers (onsite or online)

Virtual sessions available for key stage 2 pupils.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Key Stage 2

Codes & Ciphers

Virtual sessions available for key stage 2 pupils.


Learning visits

Bletchley Park’s Outreach Programme brings a unique part of our learning experience to you. Most of our Outreach Sessions include an Enigma demonstration, but these can also take place as standalone activities or drop-in events taking from around 10 minutes up to around half an hour depending on the interest levels of the participants.

Our Enigma demonstrations involve a real, working Enigma machine as used by the German Army to encrypt and decrypt a variety of messages during World War 2. Our Outreach Officers are knowledgeable about Enigma machines and how they were used, and will be able to answer a broad range of questions about them tailored for audiences with all levels of experience and prior understanding.

We will consider any location for an outreach visit, but travel time will be taken into account when calculating the cost of a visit and all travel and related expenses will be charged additionally to this. Outreach visits are primarily aimed at schools and other educational organisations, but we have also delivered visits to libraries, seaside resorts, independent cinemas and commercial organisations.

Outreach Visits

Outreach Workshop

Our programme is flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements, but here are some examples of visit structures that we have provided.

Outreach Visits

Outreach Session Examples

Our programme is flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements, but here are some examples of visit structures that we have provided.

Funding Opportunities

Ultra Bursary Funding

Our very own bursary scheme, funded by kind donations from external organisations, charities and individuals, allows eligible schools to experience Bletchley Park’s Learning programme for free.

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