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Interested in volunteering at Bletchley Park?

Volunteers are vital to the running of Bletchley Park and an integral part in delivering an exceptional experience to thousands of our visitors each year. This couldn’t be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

Come and join our team of valued volunteers where you’ll help make a real difference.

We aim to deliver a faultless visitor experience, welcoming over 250,000 visitors per year, and to achieve this we need to recruit more volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer at Bletchley Park offers the opportunity to share your expertise and gain a new skill set, and it brings people together from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal, building camaraderie and teamwork.

Volunteering offers an incredibly rewarding experience and it is an opportunity to explore new personal interests and goals.

Above all, it is an opportunity to have fun and try something new.



You will go through a recruitment and selection process that is appropriate for the role. This process allows you to find out a little bit more about your chosen role and helps us get to know you.

Volunteer Steward

Purpose of the role:
To help ensure that every visitor to Bletchley Park always enjoys and excellent customer service and to be an ambassador of the Bletchley Park Trust, upholding the Trust’s aims and mission statement.

Find out more

Bletchley Park hosts taster days as part of the volunteer recruitment process:

·         Where you’ll have the chance to meet us

·         Find out more about the volunteer role

·         Where possible, try an activity that relates to your  role

·         And make an informed choice if this feels right for you

We design and create volunteer roles based on business need and our capacity to create interesting volunteer experiences. We regret that we cannot create volunteer roles for candidates making speculative applications.

Volunteer FAQs

Is there an upper or lower age limit for volunteering?
For reasons relating to insurance, we regret we cannot accept applications from anyone under the age of 18.
There is no upper age limit.

How much WW2 knowledge do I have to have? I’m worried my knowledge isn’t deep enough to meet your expectations.
Our only expectation is that you have an interest in our history and the core story that we tell.
We have resources available for volunteers to use such as our staff and volunteer library as well as the podcast available on our website. A lot of content will be covered in your training and induction period but there are other opportunities to add to your knowledge as you go through your volunteer life at Bletchley Park.

I have a disability and am nervous about making an application.
We are proud to be an inclusive organisation and have an equal opportunities policy to ensure every staff member, volunteer and visitor received fair and equal treatment.
In order to make reasonable adjustment, if you declare to us that you have a disability at the application or enquiry stage, we will offer a one-to-one volunteer recruitment process so you can discuss any concerns you might have in a safe and private environment. We can also discuss what adjustments might be suitable, if required. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to ask if you would like this.

Do you accept volunteers from other countries?
We follow the guidance and advice given by the NCVO (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) who take a professional lead in promoting best practice in volunteer management. Their guidance is here and summarises how we approach receiving applications from those with visas, EU and non-EU nationals and those currently living abroad.

Do you accept work experience students?
Yes, we do accept work experience, but this is subject to capacity within our teams.
You be asked to complete a short form identifying tasks that you enjoy and dates that you require a placement. Our ability to accept you into our work experience programme will be based on our business capacity to accommodate and support you in suitable activities during the dates which you are available, therefore we take every enquiry on an individual and case-by-case basis.
We are accepting work experience placements within the academic year and are ready to receive enquiries.

I am in receipt of benefits does this effect my ability to volunteer?
No, we fully support jobseekers and others in receipt of benefit volunteering as a way to develop their CV or have meaningful social contact.
If you are in receipt of benefit it is your responsibility to make the authorities aware that you are volunteering and not to commit yourself to volunteering over and above your permitted hours.
You will only ever receive reimbursement of travel expenses in your volunteer role. This is a voluntary position and you will not receive a wage.

I haven’t volunteered before – will this effect my application?
Not at all. We acknowledge that people’s prior experience of volunteering maybe different.
Part of the recruitment process includes a Taster Day where we get to meet each other. We are more interested in aptitude, skills and attitude and try to see the potential and ability in our volunteer applicants and not evidence of previous volunteering or paid work experience.

What if I don’t see something that interests me?
Please keep checking the website regularly for updates on our current opportunities. We recruit according to business need and there are often new opportunities arising. We also use social media and Do-it to advertise volunteer roles.