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Norman Allon Bacon

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Norman Allon Bacon
Certificate of Service
FO Civilian to March 1941; RNVR
Summary of Service
Bletchley Park 1939 - 1945. Naval Section, various posts, including liaison with Admiralty, retrieving documents from captured shipping, took part in Operation Archer at Vaagsoy Island, Norway in December 1941. Responsible for the Naval Section's 'British Plot' of Allied shipping, Intelligence Staff Officer (1). Deputy Chairman , TICOM Committee from August 1945.
Commemorated On The Codebreakers Wall
Other Information
Mentioned in Despatches for bravery and skill in in successful Combined Operations against the Enemy at Vaagso and Maaloy. Appointed OBE in December 1945 for Distinguished Service during the War in Europe .
Published references
Allon Bacon's wartime career in Naval Intelligence.
Attached as PDF - see below.
Allon Bacon's wartime career in Naval Intelligence.