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Bletchley Park’s Outreach Programme brings a unique part of our learning experience to you (to find out about educational visits to Bletchley Park please see Come to Us).

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Where do you visit?

Who do you visit?

What does a visit look like?

Is there a fee?

Can I reduce the cost of a visit?

How do I book an Outreach visit?

Enigma Demonstrations

Most of our Outreach Sessions include an Enigma demonstration, but these can also take place as standalone activities or drop-in events taking from around 10 minutes up to around half an hour depending on the interest levels of the participants.

Our Enigma demonstrations involve a real, working Enigma machine as used by the German Army to encrypt and decrypt a variety of messages during World War 2. Our Outreach Officers are knowledgeable about Enigma machines and how they were used, and will be able to answer a broad range of questions about them tailored for audiences with all levels of experience and prior understanding.

Depending on the number of people taking part, demonstrations may be up-close and hands-on. For larger groups you may wish to consider providing a visualiser or similar technology to ensure that everyone can see the machine as it is being demonstrated.

Where do you visit?

Bletchley Park’s Outreach Programme has visited Cornwall, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Norfolk, and many areas in between: we will consider any location, but travel time will be taken into account when calculating the cost of a visit and all travel and related expenses will be charged additionally to this.

Please see the Is there a fee? and Can I reduce the cost of a visit? sections below for more details of costs and how to manage them.

Who do you visit?

Outreach visits are primarily aimed at schools and other educational organisations, but we have also delivered visits to libraries, seaside resorts, independent cinemas and commercial organisations.

What does a visit look like?

Our programme is flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements, but here are some examples of visit structures that we have provided:


Example 1

Liz set up an Enigma machine in a classroom for the day and was visited by five different groups (four Year 8 and one Year 10) for one hour at a time during their normal lesson times. Each group took part in the Codes and Ciphers session which followed the same narrative for each group, with some of the details adjusted for the different ability ranges and other aspects dictated by the types and levels of questions asked by the students.

Example 2

Tom visited a school to deliver activities as part of an experience day with a collapsed timetable. He began by delivering a 45 minute history talk to the whole of Year 8 in their assembly hall. They then broke down into classroom groups to build Crisp Tube Enigma machines with their teachers, supported by Tom who moved from classroom to classroom offering advice, correcting mistakes and misconceptions. After finishing their Crisp Tube Enigma machines the students were given a codebreaking challenge created by their teachers. Whilst completing this, small groups were taken into another room for short Enigma demonstrations led by Tom.

Example 3

Andrew delivered a one-and-a-half-hour Story of Enigma session to a group of high ability students who had been chosen to come out of their usual lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, Andrew delivered two Codes and Ciphers sessions to Year 9 students in the school hall. At the end of the day the hall was reconfigured into lecture-style seating and Andrew gave a one hour talk on a potted history of wartime Bletchley Park to parents, teachers, governors, and some of their children.


Please see Outreach sessions for available sessions and Book an Outreach Visit to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

Is there a fee?

There is a charge for Outreach visits from Bletchley Park and you will be invoiced following the visit.

The final invoiced amount will be the visit cost plus travel and accommodation expenses incurred (including parking fees). Further costs may be charged for bespoke activities, extra sessions or other expenses, to be agreed by both parties before the visit takes place.

The visit cost depends on your distance from Bletchley Park and whether you are booking an educational visit. Details are on the Book an Outreach Visit page.

Can I reduce the cost of a visit?

There are a number of ways that the cost to your school or organisation can be reduced. Here are some ideas:

–       Encourage another local school or organisation to book a visit on the day before or after yours. In such cases, we’ll share the travel and accommodation costs between you.

–       Some schools are eligible for bursary funding to cover part or all of the costs. Please see the Bursary Funding page for details.

How do I book an Outreach visit from Bletchley Park?

Please see the Book an Outreach Visit page.