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1.  Bletchley Park Trust (BPT)’s Mission is “To attract, engage and educate people from all over the world in order to inspire them with Bletchley Park’s crucial role in World War Two”

2.  BPT is a registered charity (charity number 1012743). BPT actively seeks support from individuals, companies, trusts and foundations in the UK and internationally to further its mission and fund core activities, capital projects, exhibitions, acquisitions, and programmes.

3.  In order to maintain public trust, we must ensure the commitment of the whole organisation to the highest standards of probity in our fundraising operations.

Gift Acceptance

4.  When deciding whether to accept any particular gift or sponsorship*, whether solicited or unsolicited, BPT has a duty to demonstrate that it has acted in the best interest of the charity. As such, there may be exceptional occasions where an offer of support cannot be accepted.

5.  BPT complies with Charity Commission and Institute of Fundraising guidance and all relevant legislation, including the UK Bribery Act 2010, the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017.

6.  BPT considers each gift or sponsorship on its own merits and in accordance with the due diligence reasonably available to the Development Team. It is for the Trustees to decide in light of the information before them whether to accept financial support or sponsorship.

7.  BPT will not accept gifts or sponsorships where:

7.1.  There are reasonable grounds to suspect that the donor has acted unlawfully in acquiring the funds from which the donation is to be made, including money laundering the proceeds of crime.

7.2.  Acceptance of the funds would, in the judgement of the Trustees significantly damage the effective operation of the Trust in delivering its mission by:
a. creating unacceptable conflicts of interest
b. causing material damage to the reputation of the Trust
c. causing undue harm to the Trust’s relationship with other supporters, visitors, or stakeholders

7.3.  The conditions attached to accepting the gift or sponsorship outweigh its value to the Trust

7.4.  There is the risk of the supporter or sponsor not being able to honour the gift or sponsorship in full or in part1For the purpose of this document: Sponsorship is defined as ‘payment in support of capital works, exhibitions or projects in return for specific benefits which include entertaining, employee involvement or branding.’ A gift is defined as a charitable donation involving no benefits or rights being given to the donor. The policy covers all gifts and sponsorships, including individual and corporate memberships, donations in kind, shares, legacies, and pro bono support.

8.  Besides donations received via on-site donation boxes, BPT is unable to accept anonymous donations (including via intermediaries). In order to enable appropriate due diligence to take place, the identity of supporters who prefer to give anonymously must be known to the Director of Development, Chief Executive and Chair and, where necessary, to the Trust’s auditors.

 * For the purpose of this document: Sponsorship is defined as ‘payment in support of capital works, exhibitions or projects in return for specific benefits which include entertaining, employee involvement or branding.’ A gift is defined as a charitable donation involving no benefits or rights being given to the donor. The policy covers all gifts and sponsorships, including individual and corporate memberships, donations in kind, shares, legacies, and pro bono support.

Ethical Fundraising

9.  BPT aims to be highly regarded by its supporters, visitors, and other stakeholders, and to adhere to best practice in relation to its fundraising activity.

10.  BPT will ensure that:

10.1.  All representatives involved in fundraising for BPT act with integrity and follow the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice.

10.2.  All monies raised through fundraising appeals are used for the stated purpose of the appeal and comply with BPT’s stated mission and purpose.

10.3.  Requests from supporters to allocate donations to specific areas of activity are adhered to, wherever reasonable and appropriate. If necessary, due to programme or organisational changes, alternative uses will be discussed with the supporter or the supporter’s legal representative. If the supporter is deceased or legally incompetent, and BPT is unable to contact a legal representative, the donation will be used in a manner that is consistent with the supporter’s original intent.

10.4.  Supporters’ requests to remain anonymous will be respected as far as is legally and practically possible, bearing in mind BPT’s responsibility to undertake due diligence in relation to the source of gifts or sponsorships.

10.5.  Requests by current or prospective supporters to limit or cease solicitation or contact in relation to fundraising activities are respected and addressed promptly.

10.6.  No-one shall misrepresent their position as a representative of BPT, for example their role to accepting grants and donations or their authority to make statements or commitments on behalf of BPT.

10.7.  Representatives of BPT shall declare outside interests relevant to fundraising activities and take steps to eliminate any potential conflicts that may arise. No one should be involved in decisions from which they, or anyone they know closely, will stand to benefit

10.8.  Accountability is maintained and that fundraising activity is regularly monitored and evaluated by the Executive and Board.

10.9.  Any complaints by supporters, staff, volunteers, or other stakeholders in relation to BPT’s fundraising activity are addressed promptly. The Director of Development will attempt to satisfy the complainant’s concerns in the first instance. A complainant who remains dissatisfied may request in writing a review of their complaint by the Chief Executive and will be advised of the outcome of this review.