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  • Onsite visits (both facilitated and self-guided)
  • Outreach visits at your location
  • Virtual sessions delivered online to your location
  • Bursary-funded visits (which may be onsite, outreach or virtual)

Please ensure you read the general terms referring to all learning activities PLUS the terms relevant to the type of session/visit you have booked.


1.     Onsite visits, outreach visits to your site and virtual learning experiences are dependent on availability and are only available to pre-booked groups.

2.     Cancellations or amendments to your booking can be made up to 14 days prior to your visit without penalty. Cancellations should be made in writing to [email protected]

3.     If you cancel your visit within 14 calendar days of your booked visit, a 50% payment will be required and you may be liable for any non-refundable expenses incurred by Bletchley Park Trust.

4.     Changes made to your booking within 14 days of the visit may be subject to a £50 administration fee and if student numbers are reduced you will be charged for the number of places booked on your booking form.

5.     Sufficient school/college staff and carers must be present to supervise all students during all activities and sessions. We are fully committed to providing a safe learning environment but Bletchley Park staff are not responsible for the health, safety and behaviour of students and must not be left in sole charge of any students, unless by prior arrangement made in writing.

6.     Universities and colleges will be required to provide a purchase order number to enable a booking to be made. Bookings should be made at least 14 days prior to the visit/session. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

7.     Data Protection: We may use your personal information (and the personal information of any other visitors included in your application) for processing your application, responding to any enquiry you or other members of your group make, and for generating aggregated statistics regarding visits to Bletchley Park. In addition, we may, subject to your consent, send you emails, newsletters and/or alerts and information regarding learning events.  We will not sell your data.  We will not share your data for marketing purposes unless you have actively consented to this.  Please see our Privacy policy, which can be found on our website, for more details on what information we collect about you and how it will be used.

8.     We aim to respond to telephone calls and emails within 5 working days. To enable a fair system for all our groups, we do not take bookings over the phone.

9.     Video recording is not permitted except by prior written permission.

10.  Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and by submitting a booking you agree to abide by the most recent version.



We have limited funding available for some schools who meet certain criteria linked to local deprivation and Pupil Premium levels, provided as part of our “Ultra” Bursary.

11.  The eligibility of a school is at the discretion of Bletchley Park and will be confirmed in writing.

12.  Eligible schools who are awarded the bursary may choose:

–        a full-day visit from the Enigma Outreach programme completely free of charge – all expenses are covered as well as the visit costs, or

–       A funded visit to Bletchley Park, which includes a £5 transport subsidy per student, or

–       A free online virtual learning session

13.  Interested schools must state that they would like to be considered for a bursary-funded visit and give details of their Pupil Premium (or equivalent) funding as a percentage of students on roll who are eligible to receive it.

14.  Eligibility criteria may change based on available funding remaining and other factors. For this reason, specific criteria for eligibility are not published and eligibility during one academic year does not imply eligibility during the next.

15.  It is assumed that the percentage of children attending learning activities will match (or exceed) the stated percentage of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding on roll at the school. If this is not the case the bursary will not apply and regular costs will be invoiced by Bletchley Park.



16.  Bookings will be confirmed following agreement to these Terms and Conditions in the Learning Department booking form. Bookings will be confirmed approximately 6 weeks prior to your visit following receipt of the completed online booking form.

17.  Prior to your visit, you will be provided with the arrival and departure times for your group. Coaches and minibuses have a ten-minute reservation within coach drop-off bays. If your group arrives before or after their allocated times they may be asked to wait off-site until the next available time. If you arrive later than expected your itinerary may be affected. Groups must depart at the allocated time shown.

18.  Limited coach parking for pre-booked learning groups is available at Stadium MK. Coaches must drop off students at the Park and then exit the Park. School minibuses with a short wheelbase will be allocated a parking space onsite.

19.  Students must be fully supervised and accompanied at all times onsite. Our supervision ratios are minimum 1:10 for all under-18s.

20.  Please note that all prices quoted do not include a visit to The National Museum of Computing, which is located next to Bletchley Park and operates as a separate museum with a different tariff and different hours of operation.

21.  Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to refuse entry to Bletchley Park.

22.  Bletchley Park is a working site and as such can experience short-notice closures and changes due to activities on site, including closed exhibits. Bletchley Park Trust will endeavour to contact visitors with as much notice as possible in such situations.

23.  In the event of Bletchley Park being fully closed (e.g. due to adverse weather conditions), an update will appear on our website and an alternative date will be offered.

24.  Private guided tours are not permitted on site. Learning Department tour guides are provided for programme visits and self-guided resources are available from the learning section of the website.

25.  Learning prices do not include season tickets, unless otherwise specified (season ticket option available for aged 18 and over only).

26.  Self-guided Learning groups should allow at least 14 days for a booking request prior to the visit date. If within 14 days, we may be unable to process your booking and you may be subject to on-the-day group rates, without a coach parking space.

27.  If you wish to increase your student numbers after having made a provisional booking, we may not be able to accommodate this depending on other bookings already in place.

28.  Carers and staff for groups of under 18s are free of charge (up to a ratio of 1:5). For adult groups, the group leader receives free entry.

29.  Overseas groups must be paid for in advance, no less than 14 days prior to visiting, by BACS transfer or credit card.  Please confirm your preferred payment method when booking your visit.

30.  We cannot accept cheques (unless they are cleared before the day of the visit).

31.  As Learning visits are already discounted, all other discounts, including 2:1 rail fares, do not apply.

32.  We recommend that all students and staff bring individual packed lunches when participating in the facilitated programme as only 30 minutes is allocated for lunch. Please distribute these prior to arrival. We do not have storage space for lunch crates, bags or other items. Where possible, a space to eat packed lunches will be provided for 30 minutes during your visit.

Part of our mission is to preserve and enhance Bletchley Park, including the historic floors around the site. In order to minimise future damage to all our historic floors, sharp heeled shoes (heels which cover an area smaller than a postage stamp) are not permitted.  Heel protectors can be provided but we would appreciate your support and understanding of why we need to protect our beautiful floors and we therefore recommend that comfortable walking shoes are worn during your visit.



33.  Where awarded, the Ultra Bursary covers the admission fee to Bletchley Park for all students (up to and including KS5) who are visiting from an eligible school.

34.  The Ultra Bursary does not include a visit to The National Museum of Computing.

35.  The Ultra Bursary includes a transport subsidy of up to £5 per student following an invoice of the total transport costs after your visit has occurred. To apply for the transport subsidy, email [email protected]

36.  Accompanying staff are free of charge up to a ratio of 1:5 (additional adults are charged) and the required minimum ratio of adults to students under 18 is 1:10.



37.  Outreach visit costs are not inclusive of expenses such as travel and accommodation, and visits more than one hour from Bletchley Park are also subject to a travel surcharge of £68.75 per hour (£51.56 per hour at discounted rate) which will apply for round-trip travel time between Bletchley Park and the venue. This will be rounded to the nearest hour. There is no travel surcharge for schools or organisations with an MK postcode or within one hour of Bletchley Park.

38.  Travel expenses will be charged at 35p per mile (as calculated using Google Maps or equivalent), or as incurred when using public transport. This cost will be added to the final invoice as appropriate.

39.  Some visits will require an overnight stay before and/or after the visit. Hotel costs, when accommodation is required, will be added to the final invoice. Overnight stays, when necessary, must be in a hotel local to the venue and will be booked by Bletchley Park unless agreed otherwise in advance. The cost will typically be £85 per night but may vary depending on local availability.

40.  A car parking space will be required on site for most visits unless alternative arrangements have been agreed at the time of booking. Any parking charges incurred will be added to the final invoice.

41.  Other expenses may be incurred and where possible these will be agreed prior to confirming a booking.

42.  Full day visits include up to 6 hours of contact time during normal school teaching hours. ½ day visits are only available within the Milton Keynes area, as an addition to a full day visit, or by special arrangement, and include up to 3 hours of contact time during normal school teaching hours. Visits must fall either during the morning or afternoon (i.e. before or after lunch). Evening talks or sessions are available only within a 1-hour travel time of Bletchley Park or as an add-on to a full day visit, or by special arrangement, and are charged per hour.

43.  Our Enigma machines will not be left unattended by our staff at any time.

44.  We assume that venues will provide digital projectors and a laptop or desktop computer that will accept a USB memory stick and run a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

45.  Where venues cannot provide step-free access, we may require the assistance of venue staff.

46.  A timetable including suggested arrival times as well as the number of children in each session must be provided to allow our staff to plan their visit effectively.

47.  Our staff will require at least 30 minutes break for lunch. Venues are not required to supply lunch or refreshments, but please notify us of availability in advance so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

48.  In the case of cancellation, the school/college will be invoiced for any pre-booked non-refundable accommodation and travel costs and may be liable for a £50 administration fee.



49.  For schools awarded the Ultra bursary, the cost of the visit to your location plus all associated expenses are funded.

50.  In the case of cancellation within 14 days, charges may still apply as above.



51.  You may cancel your virtual learning experience more than 14 calendar days in advance without penalty. If you cancel within 14 days of the session, you may still be liable for any costs which have been incurred by Bletchley Park.

52.  The booking party is responsible for ensuring that adequate hardware and software is in place to enable your access to the session.

53.  If the session is unable to take place due to technical issues, we will endeavour to deliver the session on an alternative date but options may be limited.

54.  We are not affiliated to any applications which may be used in the delivery of the session and are not responsible for technical issues which may occur within them.

55.  The link to your online session should not be shared with non-participants, and the number of participants should not exceed the number stated in your booking.

56.  We reserve the right to terminate the session at any point or to eject individuals who we consider to be behaving in breach of our safeguarding policy or our code of conduct.

57.  We are committed to providing a safe learning environment. Parents, carers or teachers should always be present when children are participating.

58.  Any concerns can be reported to a Bletchley Park DSO or the safeguarding lead.

59.  An optional 15-minute pre-session online meeting will be offered wherever possible in the fortnight prior to the virtual learning experience.

60.  There are to be no recordings by participants or those accessing sessions. If Bletchley Park Trust records a session, attendees will be pre-notified and where participants are under 18 consent will be sought.