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  1. Group visits and rates are only available to pre-booked groups of 12 or more people.
  2. Tickets purchased for pre-booked groups cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
  3. Booking will be confirmed when Group Bookings receive a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions.
  4. Group Bookings will aim to confirm booking details 14 calendar days prior to your visit.
  5. Amendments to your booking can be made up to 14 calendar days prior to your visit by contacting Group Bookings. Any changes made to your group booking after the 14 days stated may be subject to an administration fee.
  6. Bletchley Park Guidebooks can be pre-ordered at a discounted cost. On the day of the visit, pre-ordered Guidebooks will be given to the group organiser to distribute to members of your group.
  7. Prior to your visit, you will be provided with the arrival and departure times at Bletchley Park for your group.  If your group arrives before or after their allocated times they will be asked to wait offsite until the next available time.
  8. Bletchley Park offers free coach parking offsite at MK Stadium. This service only applies to pre-booked groups.
  9. Please note that prices quoted do not include a visit to The National Museum of Computing, which is located next to Bletchley Park and operates as a separate museum with a different tariff and different hours of operation. To organise a visit to The National Museum of Computing, please call 01908 374708.
  10. Private guided tours are not permitted on site. Bletchley Park offers regular tours every day, which are open to all visitors.  Guided tours can be booked in advance for an additional cost. These tours do have a maximum visitors per tour and must be confirmed 14 days prior to your visit. The tour operates in all weathers and no refund will be offered if the group decided to forgo the tour on the day of visit.
  11. Only assistance animals are allowed on site.  No pets allowed.
  12. Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to refuse entry to Bletchley Park.
  13. Bletchley Park is a working site and as such can experience short-notice closures and changes due to activities on site, including closed exhibits. This might result in adjustments to visits, including any scheduled timings. Bletchley Park Trust will endeavour to contact all visitors with as much notice as possible in such situations.  We regret any inconvenience.



  1. Due to the high number of group booking enquiries we receive, provisional bookings will be held for 60 calendar days after the date of booking, within which time we require a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions to be returned. After this time, your provisional booking will be cancelled.
  2. You are able to cancel your booking up to 14 calendar days prior to your visit without penalty. We ask that you confirm cancellations with Group Bookings.
  3. If you cancel your visit within 14 days of your booked visit, a full payment will be required.
  4. It is the responsibility of the organiser to check that the breakdown of Adult tickets and Child tickets is correct for all members visiting Bletchley Park. If a breakdown between Group Adult and Group Child is not stated at the time of payment the full group adult rate will be applied.
  5. If payment is made before the Terms and Conditions has been signed and returned to Group Bookings, we will accept payment as agreement of our Terms and Conditions, and the conditions stated in them will be honoured.



  1. Full payment is due a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to your visit.  If payment is not made by 12:00 noon on this date, the booking will be cancelled.
  2. Please telephone Group Bookings to make payment by card or to request details of a BACs payment. All cheques must be made payable to Bletchley Park Trust and received a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to your visit date.
  3. Invoices need to be requested 14 calendar days prior to your visit.
  4. If actual numbers on the day are less than booked, no refund will be given.



  1. Food and drinks are not included within the Admission cost.
  2. Catering facilities are available on site but you are also welcome to bring your own refreshments.
  3. Food and drink vouchers and the private dining option needs to be confirmed and paid for a minimum of 14 days before your visit and any dietary requirements need to be confirmed at this time as well. Bletchley Park Trust cannot be held responsible for any dietary requirements not confirmed by the visit date.



  1. Part of our mission is to preserve and enhance Bletchley Park, including the historic floors around the site. In order to minimise future damage to all our historic floors, sharp heeled shoes (heels which cover an area smaller than a postage stamp) are not permitted.  Heel protectors can be provided but we would appreciate your support and understanding of why we need to protect our beautiful floors and we therefore recommend that comfortable walking shoes are worn during your visit.



  1. We may use your personal information (and the personal information of any other visitors included in your application) for processing your application, responding to any enquiry you or other members of your group make, and for generating aggregated statistics regarding visits to Bletchley Park. In addition, we may, subject to your consent, send you and the other members of your group newsletters and/or alerts and information regarding our offers and events. We will not sell your data.  We will not share your data for marketing purposes unless you have actively consented to this.  Please see our Privacy policy, which can be found on our website, for more details on what information we collect about you and how it will be used.